Viable: EdTech Community for Talent, Product, and Market in Africa

To meet the education demands in the 21st-Century, and the United Nations’ sustainable development goals (SDGs) for quality education, a robust synergy needs to exist between actors and influencers of education. As a result, the ongoing revolution in Africaโ€™s education system will require more than just teachers, and include actors such as instructional designers, product designers, product managers, testers, financiers, and policymakers.ย 

Viable has been designed by re:learn, the education practice at CcHUB, to host professionals, enthusiasts, and users of EdTech products to a monthly community event. This meetup aims to spark critical, continuous engagement targeted at promoting innovation around Education Technology in relation to the current trends and future possibilities of EdTech in Nigeria and on the continent. 

At the launch of Viable, a group of experts in various fields of education technology will convene to discuss the evolution of EdTech, the unique skillsets required to build successful EdTech solutions, and how young people who are interested in shaping the future of Education in Africa can position themselves to be a part of this evolution.

Throughout the Viable meetups, we intend to achieve the following:

  • Development of an EdTech Community Blueprint with actionable steps guiding innovation and marketability of education technology in Nigeria.
  • Measurable increase in the number of participants linked to the community who diversify into more Edtech-focused careers.
  • Build a pipeline of Edtech professionals who can be seconded for employment opportunities through networking opportunities from the Viable community.

Our lineup of panelists for this maiden edition includes:

  • Bridget Iyere – Product Manager at eLimu World
  • Henry Ogundolire– Learning Experience Designer and Developer
  • Wilfred Ekpo – Chief Executive Officer at Findworka

Details of the event: 

Date: Wednesday 18th May 2022

Time: 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Venue: 8, Montgomery Road, Yaba, Lagos.

Listen and lend your voice towards influencing sustainable transformations in Africaโ€™s Education sector.