Traclist is an online marketplace, currently focused on fashion retail that allows you as a customer to easily purchase interesting products from multiple merchants in a simple and secure manner. We accomplish this by aggregating products from these merchants and presenting it as a single online store.


Emotu Balogun

Emotu Balogun is an enthusiastic entrepreneur with a strong background in software development. He graduated from the University of Lagos with a degree in computer engineering. He currently serves as the CEO and Lead Technologist at Traclist Software Company.


  • August 2012 Founded
  • Ecommerce Sector
  • Seeking Funding to Scale Funding
  • Incubation status

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Some background

Traclist started out originally as an online inventory management platform. The idea was to provide Software as a Service (SaaS) inventory management to corporate organizations and other small business owners. However, we quickly found that most of the businesses we approached were more interested in reaching customers and selling their products. Above all, they did not have a way to easily get that done.

We decided to repurpose our solution to fill this need. We redesigned the software and pushed it out.

It’s been almost 18months since then, and we’ve succeeded in creating value for many customers (sellers and buyers). Over this period, we’ve extended the system to provide fulfillment for the sellers, multiple payment options and improved awareness for them through advertising and social media engagement.

Key Features

  • Inventory management for each merchant
  • Store pages with unique urls (like facebook or instagram) for merchants
  • Advertising for merchant inventory
  • Social interaction between buyers and sellers
  • Buyer/Seller security through our escrow model on payments & delivery