Two Weeks at CodeCamp 2014

12 days, 10 early-stage developers, 1680 hours of code, 3 tech projects in the works and an upcoming demo day. The atmosphere at CodeCamp has been filled with excitement and intense energy. We are elated to be working with bright, young minds.

It has been amazing seeing them pick up new skills and watching them explore the possibilities of their newly acquired knowledge. Learning the basics of Java programming language took centre-stage this week. It was a step towards learning how to build scalable android mobile apps. Caleb and Damilola are the facilitators running the show.


Here is what they have been immersed in this week:

  • Introduction to Java: Variables and Operators

  • Control structures: Arrays

  • Methods, Classes, and Objects

  • Object Encapsulation & References: Static Fields and Methods

  • Multithreading: Hashmaps: Inheritance. Interfaces and a few data structures.

One of the highlights was seeing one of the participants Ebuka, overcome his fear of Java.


Also this week, the teams began holding sessions with their mentors to provide guidance on the projects that they are working on.



Weโ€™ll let you in on some of the projects that our bootcamp attendees are hacking out:

  • An app that will tell user what it will cost & how long it will take to get from point A to point B. This will show the cost for various means of inter and intra-city transportation modes.

  • A crowd-funding app with a social twist

  • A local place discovery app.

Derrick Bolton from Stanford University dropped by to speak to our participants about opportunities at Stanford. A welcome break from crunching code one would say ๐Ÿ™‚

Earlier in the day, we had visits from startups from our Incubation space. Emotu Balogun, co-founder at Traclist, a product discovery platform took some time to speak on their work and how an internship with them would greatly contribute to the growth and development of budding programmers.


A few minutes later, Tunji Alao, walked participants through slides that detailed the journey of his startup. He highlighted the direction that VacantBoards was going and the opportunities available for bright, young developers to help make make their dream a reality. His pitch must have lit a fire in some minds as seen in this twitter status update captured below.


We are looking forward to the last 2 weeks of CodeCamp 2014 where our participants will be learning how to build android mobile applications. And then demo day!!!ย And in case you missed week 1 of our post on CodeCamp 2014, you can catch it all here.