The New Media Moguls of the CcHUB Media Fellowship

Introducing the new Media moguls of the CcHUB Media Fellowship!

CcHUB Media Fellowship Participants

The CcHUB Media Fellowship is a 3-month intensive fellowship, running from October 2018 to February 2019, meant for skilled people who have a passion for telling powerful and transformative stories through cinematography, videography, and scriptwriting. Our aim is to raise a new generation of storytellers who can help magnify some of the challenges in our society that innovators are working on, while also using storytelling as a tool for change.

There is no doubt that technology innovation is driven by creativity and talents. Skilled storytellers have a unique ability to first identify gaps in our society that need to be addressed, then exhibit them in a way that can stimulate a response and encourage people and organizations to take action in order to improve the society at large. New solutions to the many social problems in Nigeria can commence with a well-built story.

Co-Creation Hub is refining storytelling skills in Nigeria with the Media Fellowship by moulding a pool of raw talents that are willing to raise awareness, create inspirational videos and take storytelling to a multidimensional level. CcHUB also aims to help startups and established organizations tell their stories through film.

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The participants are receiving training in all aspects of Media, including Video Editing, Post Production Special Effects, Directing, Acting, Lighting Techniques, Scriptwriting, Handling Camera and Equipment, and Documentary Library movies. They are being trained by the best of the best in the Media Industry, including award-winning directors Ema Edosio Deelen and Deola Osunkojo.

This is as well an opportunity for the participants to gain insight into our indigenous media industryโ€™s issues and receive guidance from experienced cinematographers, videographers, scriptwriters, and other professionals in the film industry, to solve these issues.

At the end of the fellowship, there will be a Demo Day where high profile organizations and key people from the Media Industry will be invited to witness what the participants have created over the course of their fellowship at Co-Creation Hub. The participants will be presenting short films on challenges currently affecting Nigeria created by them for Demo Day. The audience will be able to vote on the most impactful films.

For more information about the students, see our instagram page.