The Lagos Startup Guide

Co-Creation Hub (CcHUB) is excited to announce its partnership with Startup Guide to co-create aย guidebook that tells the stories of the entrepreneurs, accelerators, coworking spaces, universities and investors that make up Lagosโ€™ purpose-driven startup ecosystem.ย 

This is part of a research exploring Africaโ€™s leading tech ecosystems and will also take place in Nairobi, Kigali and Accra. In doing this, the project proposes to connect these communities with talent and investment from around the world and inspire entrepreneurs everywhere to innovate with impact.

โ€œThe first Startup Guide books were aimed to guide and empower entrepreneurs to start their journey from everywhere. In only five years, we have published more than 30 books about cities all over the world. Along the way, our understanding of what entrepreneurship means today has shifted. Last year for the first time ever, we produced two books in Africa. Now, weโ€™re thrilled to be back on the continent. We hope to find partners that can support the mission to raise global awareness for what is happening in the Accra, Lagos, Kigali and Nairobi startup scenes. In particular, we aim to shine a light on the local success stories of companies and creators that are working towards making their cities thrive in impact-driven entrepreneurship.โ€

โ€” Sissel Hansen, CEO and founder, Startup Guide

To get things started, nominations are open from now to February 7th and the Startup Guide team wants to hear about the entrepreneurs, accelerators, coworking spaces, universities, and investors making an impact in Lagos. Nominating is easy, everyone can have a say by filling this online form: http://bit.ly/SG-Nominations

This project is also supported by SAP Africa (Partner), Impact Hub Lagos (Ambassador), the Workstation Nigeria (Booster) and Techpoint (Media partner and Connector).

About Startup Guide

Founded by Sissel Hansen in 2014, Startup Guide is a media and publishing company that produces guidebooks and online content to help entrepreneurs navigate and connect with different startup scenes across the globe. Each book is packed with useful information, exciting entrepreneur stories and insightful interviews with local experts. Today, Startup Guide books are in thirty cities in Europe, Asia, the US, Africa and the Middle East. As the world faces more complex challenges, we believe businesses have the ability to create positive economic, environmental and social value.