Tech Meets Society – Powered by MTNApps Challenge

Recent developments in the technology ecosystem in Nigeria has seen the development of locally relevant apps to meet the yearnings of the populace. There are however still few apps that have reached scale especially at consumer levels. One of the reasons attributed for this is knowledge gap of specific industries to bring about relevant mobile apps that meet real needs and can reach scale.

To support the development of cool apps that meet real needs, MTNApps Challenge is connecting developers with experienced industry experts in thematic areas in order to gain a clear understanding of the market and opportunities for apps. Developers will also get the chance for feedback on their app ideas from the experts.

Join us at interactive sessions as subject matter experts in Entertainment & Lifestyle, Education, Health & Wellness, and Gaming anchor interactive sessions with Mobile app developers at the CcHUB on Wednesday, 21st August 2013 and Thursday, 22nd August 2013.

Session details are as follows:

Entertainment & Lifestyle (Wed. Aug 21 at 11am):ย Three (3) experts will share experiences and shed more light on what customers want. Five (5) developers will then have three (3) minutes each to share their ideas and get feedback from the experts. Q&A will follow to wrap up the session.

Education (Wed. Aug 21 at 3pm):ย Three (3) experts help us understand the education space and the opportunities for apps. Three (3) developers with education apps will showcase and share their experiences. Five (5) developers will then pitch their education app ideas and get feedback from the experts.

Gaming (Thurs. Aug 22 at 11am):ย Four (4) top gaming and animation companies will be on hand to engage in a roundtable discussion on the gaming industry and the opportunities. An experience centre will be set up to enable participants experience their products.

Health & Wellness (Thurs. Aug 22 at 3pm):ย Three (3) experts will shed light on the industry and share five (5) ideas that consumers will readily welcome but do not exist. Developers will pitch their ideas and get feedback followed by Q&A.

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