The Teachers’ Lounge Fireside Chat

Unlocking transformation in education takes deliberate effort from Teachers and Education Stakeholders to ensure that policies are followed, and that teachersโ€™ development initiatives are constantly and continuously created.ย 

Beyond individual commitments to their professional development, it is also important that teachers have access to platforms where they can receive support, get celebrated, identify development opportunities and push each other to be more, and do more. For these reasons, the Education Practice at CcHUB, re:learn, designed the Teachers’ Lounge Fireside Chat – a platform where teachers can meet to have critical conversations on important topics bordering on their Professional Development and general well-being. The teachers within this Community consist of preservice teachers and in-service teachers in public and private schools in Nigeria and Kenya.ย 

In the last edition of the Fireside chat, the Teachersโ€™ Lounge hosted Temi Olajide, a Certified Child Psychologist and Team Lead at Mummyclinic discussing โ€˜Discipline in the classroom: Alternatives to Punishment.โ€™  with over 55 participants in attendance, made up of Teachers, School leaders/ Administrators and Parents.  Participants were enlightened on the negative effects of corporal punishment, alternatives to corporal punishment, as well as other measures to employ while disciplining a child.

The seasoned psychologist described discipline as a correctional practice and important for guidance. She refuted the use of corporal punishment and negative words on children outlining their negative impacts on these little ones. Teachers and parents were rather, implored to help the children understand the consequences of inappropriate behaviours and employ the use of verbal warning when disciplining their students/wards, adopting measures that would not hamper the childโ€™s self-worth and belief system. Also, teachers were advised to counsel chronic deviants, give guidance and support to them and involve their parents in cases where necessary. The teachers were shown how to set classroom rules and expectations stating rewards for well-performing students and consequences for inappropriate behaviours.ย 

In the May edition of the Fireside Chat, the re:learn team will be hosting Grace Amoka, an Education Consultant and Fellow at African Leadership for Education, who will be speaking on different innovative approaches teachers can embrace to foster a continuous lifelong learning culture in learners. 

Date: 25th May 2022

Time: 3:00 PM WAT

Venue: Zoom

Topic: Teaching the 21st Century Student: Beyond the Classroom

Are you a teacher, school leader/administrator, or education stakeholder?

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