Talent Demand Analysis Overview (Pilot)

To get a better understanding of both demand and competitiveness in the tech jobs landscape in Nigeria, we carried out a pilot survey reaching 87 companies to identify which occupations, skills and competencies are most important to them.

Our analysis provides a clear picture of the IT occupational employment forecasts as well as emerging technologies that need competencies in Nigeria.

Let’s take a look at what we found:

The section below provides the workforce profile of organisations surveyed highlighting the business classifications, workforce size, location and operations beyond Nigeria.

From the talent composition of the companies surveyed, the insight below indicates the most popular IT job functions by demand and level of difficulty in hiring talent for IT roles.


We found out which emerging technologies have an immediate impact on organisations surveyed; the top 3 technology trends foreseen to affect them in the medium and long-term can be seen below.

Amongst the surveyed organisations, software development skills ranks high on the list of most in demand technical competencies. See below for the top 5


You can download the complete infographic here

  • Emeka Ulor

    Quite interesting. I see the South East is out of the radar and this has been worrisome for me, knowing that a pool of talents reside there.
    I have earlier written to CCHub, to know if there’s a way to help bridge this gap.
    So this means, job-seekers should learn the five most wanted tech skills.

    Great research.

    • Tochi

      I made the same observation. Unfortunately, it appears that Lagos has been accepted as the vortex of all such IT professionals. The onus is on IT pros of South East extraction to come up with innovative ideas that will attract investments to the SEast. The natural ingenuity of South Easterners makes for a potential Silicon Valley like ecosystem.

  • This is a great insight. It will also be helpful if you can make do an analysis on the salaries of this jobs, in order to set a standard as you know most IT related jobs in Nigeria grossly underpaid. This can even go further to developing a Nigerian version of http://www.payscale.com/ and i will be very interested to work on such project. Thanks.

  • Olusesan Adejoye

    Very informative.

  • This is very insightful and i must commend you guys for a job well done. But the problem with this analysis and information we have is, what are the measures (actions) to be taken to cover this vacuum? i recently joined a startup whilst maintaining my daytime job and it’s been a nightmare recruiting (i was suppose to put together a team) a mere Graphics designer willing to work for a startup that i had to start taking lessons on graphic design on Coursera. So my question is What do we do with this information? our institutions are not doing enough to train and build the youth for this paradigm shift thereby creating a shortfall in IT sector. Thank you
    PS: I am also a registered member (Orange) of CCHub 🙂

  • DearTalent GP,
    your ana;ysis is very correct. But it is a pity that somebody like me with relevant technological skills is still unemployed. See my educational qualifications:
    1. BSc in Mathematics/Stattistics – University of Calabar.
    2. Post Grdauate Degree in Information Technology – Olabisi O. University
    3.MSc in Informattion Tech(Cybersecurity) – Astrakhan State University, Russia
    3. MSc in Information Tech(Analytics/Business Intelligence) from Clark University in Massachsusetts USA.
    Including other trainings like Oracle of databases, Cisco in Networking and Cybersecurity.
    Please use your exposure to all those firms and connect me to any of the IT Application organizations.
    I shall be pleased to be connected.
    Maurice Udoh

    • Tochi

      I suggest that you train yourself in Application development as this is the area of highest demand.

    • Ozioma

      have you got hands on eworkexperience? If no I would advise you register with Career Insights (parent company is Digital Bananas technology). Your certifications without experience cant fetch you your dream job. Besides the world is going digital and companies are hiring relevant positions that can affect their business positively. For e.g think Big Data Analytics.
      Career insights candidates success stories abound daily. If your interested send me an email ozi.amah@gmail.com. Or visit their facebook page. I joined in 3months and their is no learning place in Africa or the UK like theirs.

  • Vanessa

    Welcome guys, this is very informative.

  • Digitall Technologies Digitall

    100% on point there are high demand for developers, but the problem with employers is payment, I as a developer wants to work with an organization that will appreciate what I tends to offer beyond the salary what else does this organizations have to offer?