Here are a list of startups that have been supported over the years by CcHUB

  • Lifebank

    Lifebank applies smart technology to build an efficient blood system across sub-Saharan Africa through an enterprise marketplace that links hospitals with blood banks.

  • Tǽillo

    Tǽillo is a Nigerian furniture and lifestyle brand that designs and manufacture furniture by harnessing traditional forms, and materials with both local and modern technology to create premium furniture pieces.

  • Doctoora

    Doctoora infrastructure as a service company that increases access to quality healthcare by providing healthcare professionals with fully serviced medical facilities, to rent on a pay-per-use basis.

  • Findworka

    Findworka builds and deploys great technology for organisations without the need to extend your payroll

  • DrugStoc

    DrugStoc provides hospitals and pharmacies access to genuine pharmaceutical and health care products through a seamless end-to-end procurement platform that enables them to source all medications and medical consumables they need.

  • Edves

    Edves has built a tech-enabled platform designed to aid the process of relationship and information management between school authorities, parents/sponsors, educators/teachers, and where applicable, the students themselves.

  • Riby

    Riby is a financial technology company that provides a simple financial management platform for cooperatives,groups and their members.

  • Gricd

    Gricd provides cold chain solutions for the storage, transportation, and monitoring of temperature-sensitive items like blood, vaccines, and more. They are currently serving the healthcare and agriculture sectors in Sub Saharan Africa

  • FieldInsight

    FieldInsight is a mobile solution that helps organisations gather relevant data, and manage and monitor field activities through near real-time visualisations.t helps organizations gather relevant data, and manage and monitor field activities through near real-time visualizations.

  • Stears

    Stears is a digital information company that makes it possible for anyone, anywhere in the world, to access high-quality information on Africa. It has two business models. The B2C and B2B model. Through its B2C model, Stears offers a subscription-driven media publication targeted at African decision makers. The B2B model offers an enterprise data platform & data advisory solution to corporates and small businesses.

  • OnePort365

    Oneport 365 Limited is a B2B digital freight forwarding platform with a mission to usher in radical change that enhances Africa’s participation in global trade by offering simplified, all-inclusive and transparent freight forwarding services driven by technology.

  • Casky

    Casky is a mobility-tech company leveraging the Internet of Things (IoT) to make commuting safer and to convert good driving behaviour into assets. Casky aims to reduce motor-bike accidents worldwide. The company’s priority is to make the use of the helmet a spontaneous habit and improve rewards for good driving behavior.

  • ZUMI

    ZUMI is transforming Africa’s apparel market with a B2B e-commerce solution. ZUMI connects apparel suppliers and retailers in a transparent and affordable marketplace.

  • OneHealth

    OneHealth, adopting a holistic approach to service delivery, leverages technology to break down the barriers that Nigerians face in accessing quality medicines and healthcare services.

  • Payday

    Payday is a platform that enables individuals make swift, reliable, and global/borderless payments. The platform also facilitates both local and foreign companies who have team members in Africa to manage payroll, taxes and compliance for employees/contractors in countries they don’t have operations in. Payday is filling this gap by making it easy for them to manage this process with the click of a button.

  • Shuttlers

    Shuttlers offers transport-as-a-service and is a tech-enabled, scheduled bus sharing (mass transit) startup. It is headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria. The startup offers a bus-sharing technology platform for companies, organizations and professional individuals to charter buses and or book seats utilising its platform.

  • Identity Pass

    Identity Pass enables businesses and individuals with identity management and authentication. They are providing businesses a solution to tackle the menace of identity theft, KYC Compliance and customer onboarding. Using the power of AI, they provide real-time data verification.

  • Kwaba

    Kwaba is a rental financing platform that offers flexible mortgage and rent payment applications for its customers. The company is a bridge between landlords and tenants as it ensures the prompt payment of rent. Kwaba also offers a system-enabled automated saving towards rental payment while equally providing financial security solutions to ensure repayment.

  • Grow For Me

    Grow For Me (GFM) is a Micro Aggregator Platform which provides micro-financing to aggregators in rural areas via mobile money to buy commodities directly from farmers in farming communities who are normally cut off from major markets. Off-takers are updated on the progress of the farming process and prices while providing the best quality commodities on the market via the Ghanaian Commodities Exchange (GCX) Warehousing Systems.

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