The CcHUB Syndicate is a secure innovative collective platform for individuals, institutions and investment groups (on the continent and in the diaspora) that empowers them to invest (as little as $5000) in exclusive African technology startups alongside CcHUB

The CcHUB Syndicate charges a one-off administration fee that covers the relevant diligence and background checks as well as relevant processes during the investors onboarding process. A minimal transaction fee is charged with every investment made in an entity brought to the syndicate. The CcHUB Syndicate team would only be incentivized when your investment is any entity is successfully exited. A 15% carried interest is charged on all exited entities on the platform. There are NO hidden charges

The average time taken by a company to transition from one stage of business lifecycle to another vary. The infrastructure deficit on the continent further exacerbates the time it take to transitions for an average African business. Globally, investment horizons in illiquid asset classes such as Venture capital take 5 - 10 years. We seek to match the same horizon in line with the generally accepted practice but will provide consideration to exciting companies with longer gestation periods.

Distributions are subject to the nature of the individual investment. Where income exists and is distributed by the company, the Syndicate will distribute this income to investors on a bi-annual basis.

The CcHUB Syndicate exclusively admits vetted Individuals, institutions and investing groups in the diaspora and across Africa. Interested parties can fill this form here. Upon receipt of your application, a vetting process which includes Diligence and background checks is undertaken. All applicants with a clean report will receive more information on the onboarding process.

Carried interest is a share of profit to compensate and incentivize the CcHUB syndicate team. Carried Interest is a performance-based compensation that aligns investors’ interest with the syndicate team to motivate them to find outperforming deals and support them to exit.

For example, an investment in a deal of $500,000 is exited at the end of year 5 for $3,000,000. Investors first receive the principal sum of $500,000. Then receive in aggregate the sum of $1,875,000, which represents 75% of the profits earned above the principal amount invested. The CcHUB syndicate team receives $625,000.

Investing in early stage companies has a high degree of risk. Venture capital is a risky asset class and several risks exist within this class of investment which may result in investors losing all or some of the principal sum invested. Even though we undertake a diligence process on these companies, we may not give you all the required information to make a decision. It is advised that you assess further the information provided to attain the level of comfort required to proceed with the investment.

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