If you are a young person living in Lagos East Senatorial district, then we have opportunities for you!

Senator Mukhail Adetokunbo Abiru, the Chairman, Senate Committee on Industries and the Senator representing Lagos East Senatorial District, as part of his initiatives to drive youth empowerment, has partnered with the Co-Creation HUB to develop a Community Innovation Space for young people within the Lagos East Senatorial District.

The primary purpose of the innovation space is to create employment opportunities, inspire grass-roots innovations and build partnerships and networks that will drive economic prosperity and collaboratively solve significant social and business problems. 

SAIL (SENATOR ABIRU INNOVATION LAB), is a unique space that offers cross-functional programmes and opportunities, as well as a basic foundation that can inspire young people in Lagos East (students, graduates, entrepreneurs, job seekers) to gather, learn and create. The space will foster a comfortable and safe environment that will encourage young people to see it as their second home. 

The Space is positioned to achieve the following:

  • Provide an opportunity for a coworking/ resource space for young people to learn, explore and discover
  • Serve as an Incubation Space for Entrepreneurs in the Community that encourages idea development and validation 
  • Serve as a place where young people can participate in training programmes for both soft skills (software development, technology) and vocational skills (tailoring, catering, fashion design)
  • Provide early child introduction to science technology engineering mathematics (STEM)
  • Run social programmes and motivational sessions (game nights, movie nights, exercise breaks, speaker series) that make participants feel like they are in a comfortable environment
  • Opportunity for lifelong learning for Small Business Owners, Teachers, and Parents

Pilot Programmes

The pilot programmes for the Community Innovation Space will be five programmes that will be carried out in two cohorts over the span of 12 months. These programmes are targeted at different groups of (young) people in Lagos East district. 

The goal is to provide an opportunity for lifelong learning and development for young people in Lagos East district. 

The five pilot programmes are: 

  1. The STEM Education for Senior Secondary School Students will run an embedded system fellowship for senior secondary school students. Our goal is to introduce the students to the concept of physical computing through the use of Arduino, an open-source electronic prototyping platform that enables users to create interactive electronic objects.
  1. Tech Talent Development is a development programme that will identify young people who are interested in a career in technology. We will expose them to a learning plan that takes them from complete novice to entry-level software engineers.
  1. Business 101 for Artisans and Creatives is to help talented creatives and artisans (fashion, design, crafts) better understand how to use technology in their business for inspiration, how to secure sales, and how to connect with medium to large corporations. Our goal for this programme is to increase the performance of their businesses, support them to properly manage their business, and teach them how to get more sales/revenue.
  1. Lagos East Teachersโ€™ Fellowship will run for school teachers. We will introduce the teachers to inquiry-based learning and the use of technology in the classroom. Our aim is to equip the teachers with new skills to help them support better learning outcomes.
  1. The Startup Accelerator Programme is for young people who have business ideas that can be amplified by technology. The aim is to accelerate their growth with hands-on business support. For those who have a prototype, we will help them with product-market fit as well as build their capacity to be able to attract funding and support for their business. For those who donโ€™t yet have a prototype, we will support them to develop their ideas for the testing phase.

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