#Report: Fireside Chat with Ije Nwokorie, MD Wolff Ollins, London

The hub space was abuzz with a different kind of activity last Friday as brand designers, developers, and tech enthusiasts gathered together to have conversations with Ije Nwokorie, MD Wolff Ollins, London.

He was eminently qualified to speak on ‘Building a 21st Century iconic tech brand from Nigeria to the rest of the world’ having successfully led is organisation to successfully brand the London 2012 Olympics.

The room was soon filled with techies, brand designers, developers who were excited to contribute to the conversations which turned to be pretty engaging and continued well into the evening.

You can catch some of the conversation on twitter by checking out the hashtag #CchubFiresideChat .


Do check out pictures of the event on our Facebook wall here. We would like to know what your thoughts are. Thank you.