PRESS RELEASE: Rideshare Platform, GoMyWay Africa is 2 & Launching Something New!




LAGOS (June 1, 2017)ย – GoMyWay.com, on the 10th of June, 2017, will be celebrating its 2nd year anniversary Nigeria’s leading indigenous rideshare platform that connects people with the same planned journey, to share car rides together as a way to cut down transport cost and build connections.

In the last year, the platform has experienced a 150% increase in registered members and a 300% increase in the number of seats offered. Furthermore, It has recorded rides shared in 16 states in Nigeria, a major leap from 5 states as at its last anniversary. GoMyWay.com also boasts of an average seat occupancy of 2.8 people per ride from about 1.8 in their first year, indicating that car owners on the platform are being connected to more passengers than before. It is evident that more Nigerians are beginning to embrace this innovation aimed at fixing some of the issues around transportation.

In celebration of their 2nd anniversary, the GoMyWay team are excited to announce the start of an annual Rideshare Week Campaign (#RideShareWeekNG) across the country. The week-long campaign will be the first in Nigeria and is aimed at encouraging people to share rides together as an alternative mode of transportation, as well as creating public awareness on the benefits of ridesharing.

According to GoMyWayโ€™s CEO, Damilola Teidi – โ€œLooking back, it is interesting to see how much we have grown. We have seen an increasing acceptance of this concept of ridesharing by Nigerians and are more than glad to be at the forefront. Moreso, it has given us the courage to push further in our quest to make GoMyWay a mainstream transport option; which is why this year, we are launching the rideshare week. The goal is that the Rideshare week will become bigger every year, and ultimately, many more Nigerians will get involved in the ridesharing culture.โ€

The maiden RideShare week would run from the 5th to the 10th of June 2017, and among many interesting activities, will include a giveaway contest tagged the โ€˜GoMyWay Carfie Contestโ€™. To participate, individuals are expected to post a Carfie (Car Selfie) – picture of themselves with at least one other person in a car – using the hashtags #GoMyWayCarfie and #RideShareWeekNG on social media. The coolest entries will be re-uploaded on GoMyWayโ€™s Instagram page where participants will garner likes for their respective “

The coolest entries will be re-uploaded on GoMyWayโ€™s Instagram page where participants will garner likes for their respective “carfie”. The winner with the highest number of likes at the end of the competition will receive N10,000 cash and a two nights stay (including breakfast) at Amber Residence Hotel in Lagos, courtesy Finchglow Travels ( Nigeria’s No 1 Travel Management Company). There will also be cash prizes, fashion items and more for runner-ups.

Other activities during the Rideshare week include a Facebook/Instagram live session with the GoMyWay team. You can keep up with all the activities HERE.

For the rideshare week, GoMyWay is proud to have the support of Finchglow Travel & Tours, Printivo, Bedazzled and more, Renies&Clarks, Lost In Lagos, Henrich Bรถll Institute, Co-Creation Hub Nigeria, and Lara.ng

About GoMyWay

GoMyWay is a trusted online ride share platform that connects car owners that have spare seats to share with others that need a ride and are going in the same direction, so they all can share the cost of the journey, whether interstate or intracity. With a growing community of users, GoMyWay is the easiest way for car owners to monetize the extra seats in their cars during rides and for passengers to find affordable and comfortable means of moving from one place to another.