October Showcase Tuesday I

Showcase Tuesday provides an interactive platform for members of the CcHUB community with a prototype or product to demo their solutions to a like-minded audience from our growing tech community.
Showcasing teams will have 15 minutes to highlight:
•             Pain points that their solution addresses
•             Development Tools
•             Brief profile of their team
•             What the future holds
Showcase Tuesday aims
•             To encourage doers to receive feedback from users and techies from both a business and technology point of view
•             To provide a platform to look at your product/ solution through the eyes of other people
•             Help receive feedback that may be critical in the iteration of your prototype or solution as it finds its best route to market
•             To stand a chance to be considered for pre-incubation and attract possible funding from CcHUB partner organisations

Join us on Tuesday, 8th October as we host teams from Adugbo and Ashoebi.

Adugbo looks to help you discover and share what’s happening around you. The preliminary version is focused on areas in Lagos, and provides updates on upcoming events, movie showtimes, flight schedules and nearby local service providers.

At 3:30pm, it will be the turn of Ashoebi to showcase their platform which is designed to help you concentrate at making a success of your event because they help you with providing African/ Africa-themed clothing and accessories.

It is free to attend. Come and contribute to the discussion and also check out our space.