Erik Hersman

CEO of BRCK | Nairobi, Kenya


Co-founded the platform Ushahidi, a crowdsourcing platform that visualises citizen-reported information to increase accountability. Often referred to as "White African", he is an avid tech crusader who runs two technology blogs: WhiteAfrican and AfriGadget. In his first “real” job, he worked as a security guard from 12am - 8am and still had to attend a full day of classes. Nowadays, he spends his time on his motorcycle, running marathons and enjoys a good game of basketball and rugby.

His mantra: "Don’t talk about what you’ll do, do it! Build something and ship it."

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Use AR to see
portrait in action.

Step 1. Give Artivive permission to access your phone’s camera.

Step 2. Point your phone towards the artwork.

** Hold your phone in a vertical position for the best experience.