Carpe Diem

Folakemi, Kevin, Onome

Meet Carpe Diem

Folakemi O-Philips

Superpower: I wield a two-in-one combo of the Mother Konfessor & the Ready Writer

What drives me: The zeal to be a better person while helping others

Kevin Asaju

Superpower: My ability to make people laugh!

What drives me: The love for telling relevant stories and enlightening people

Onome Collins Egba

Superpower: Asking insane and illogical questions to understand certain simple concepts in insurmountable depths.

What drives me: The need to know

The LIT Group

Love, Israel, Tomiwa

Meet The LIT Group

Love Nebo

Superpower: My optimism- I always believe that everything will be alright and if it’s not alright, then it’s not the end!

What drives me: My zeal to succeed drives me.

Afolabi Israel

Superpower: Making great videos, sleeping and helping people.

What drives me: The enthusiasm to be the greatest in my field and get the ‘cash’

Tomiwa Ogunnika

Superpower: I have a way with words (I can simplify complex issues with the right words)

What drives me: The power of storytelling

For Film Only

Temitope, Fikayo, Somefun

Meet For Film Only

Temitope Aluko

Superpower: Capturing the moments beautifully with words, sounds & images

What drives me: The urge to create art and build institutions that out-live me and impact generations

Fikayo Soretire

Superpower: Song writing

What drives me: The passion for arts as being didactic and thought-provoking

Ayomikun Somefun

Superpower: Giving and making people smile

What drives me: The zeal to be better as a person and meet the next person’s needs, especially children


The Exhibition

CcHUB Media Fellowship’s ‘The Exhibition’ is a platform showcasing stories for social change. 3 groups of participating film-makers from the CcHUB Media Fellowship programme will present short compelling films to leading figures from Nigeria’s film industry in a one-night debut.

Their powerful and transformative stories will be judged based on cinematography, videography, and scriptwriting. Acclaimed judges in 2019 include: Blossom Chukwujekwu, Tope Oshin, Adeola Osunkojo and Tolu Ajayi.

Child Abuse

One in four girls and one in ten boys in Nigeria experience sexual violence before turning 18

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An estimated 20.9 million Nigerians are without jobs

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Pap Smear

More than 14,000 Nigerian women die of cervical cancer every year

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The Judges

Blossom Chukwujekwu

Actor and TV Personality

Tope Oshin

Producer and Casting Director

Tolu Ajayi

TV Producer and Filmmaker

Adeola Osunkojo

Writer, Producer and Director