Made in Lagos with love, Nigeriaโ€™s first Ride sharing platform launches

On any given day moving around our beloved city, Lagos, can be frustrating, from traffic to unreliable commercial transport. With the addition of fuel scarcity, navigating the city has become unbearable. Despite waiting for โ€˜changeโ€™ we can ease our frustrations by joining JEKALO.

Arriving just in time, JEKALO, is an online platform where you can share a ride with someone going along the same route as you. Whether you are a ride owner or a passenger, JEKALO is a convenient and affordable way to get home this evening, to your next meeting or for afterwork drinks.

If you own a ride, you can earn rewards by offering rides and for the days you do not want to drive, you can always join someone elseโ€™s ride.

Worried about your safety? We have that sorted! All members on JEKALO are verified and ride offers are screened before being published.

For a certain period, starting today, The first 30 are FREE and for every successful ride, ride owners will get REWARDS such as, airtime, cash, fuel vouchers and more.

After the promo period, fees for joining a ride will be calculated based on distance. The amazing thing is, the amount you pay on JEKALO is about the same price as using a commercial bus and cheaper than a taxi.

Donโ€™t wait any longerโ€ฆ. Share a ride on JEKALO.com today and join the ride sharing revolution!