KidsZone “Summer Of Code”: 2 Weeks In

Two weeks ago we started our KidsZone Summer of Code programme. We had 30 kids registered, including 10 students who benefited from the scholarships offered by Rancard.


The kids started by learning about the Raspberry Pi – what it is and how it works; as well as how to use the Scratch programming language. In a space of two weeks the kids have learnt how to build their own Scratch projects – including animations and games.


The next two weeks will have the kids diving deeper into programming as they explore the world of Python. While the first half of the programme was centred around Software programming, the focus on the second half of the programme will be hardware programming.


As we begin the final two weeks weโ€™re definitely getting excited about demo day, holding on the 16th of August; where the kids willย showcase the projects theyโ€™ve worked on during the programme.


Weโ€™ll be sure to keep you updated as we progress, in the meantime, you can catch up on pictures from our earlier sessionsย hereย andย here.