Innovate, Build, Secure โ€” Digital Resilience for Africa: The Security Demo 3.0

Co-creation Hub (CcHUB) is excited to announce the 3rd edition of her annual cybersecurity conference โ€“ The Security Demo.

The theme for this yearโ€™s conference is Innovate, Build, Secure โ€” Digital Resilience for Africa.

This yearโ€™s conference is aimed at driving conversations on the need for Africans to innovate and build cybersecurity products or solutions to solve Africaโ€™s cybersecurity problems and improve digital resilience in Africa. 

The event will explore themes around innovation โ€” bringing up ideas that can solve Africaโ€™s cybersecurity problems, Build โ€” building cybersecurity products or solutions for the Africa market and reflection on Africaโ€™s cybersecurity landscape.

Register for the virtual session here: