GoVote Champions: Call for Application

Elections are a critical determinant of how our society is run, as such everyone needs to be involved as we all are affected by their outcomes.

In 2019 only 34.75% of registered voters in Nigeria went to the polls to cast their ballots. This means that for every 10 eligible voters, less than four voted in the 2019 presidential elections.

Over the years, Co-Creation Hub in partnership with Enough is Enough Nigeria has supported voter education in Nigerian to simplify the voter registration process and encourage people to go to the polls. Using www.govote.ng, we have reached over 200,000 people using offline and online mechanisms. 

As we expand into more communities and states across Nigeria, we are inviting you to become one of our champions and community leaders to drive voter education and election awareness campaigns in your community of influence – whether offline or online.

What are the perks?

  • Get trained by top professionals in the tech, governance and advocacy space on all things related to elections in Nigeria
  • Receive support in terms of tools, materials and other resources to reach and educate people in your community (offline and online)
  • Network with top professionals and leaders in the governance space across Nigeria
  • Stipends, per diems and compensations for work done

Applications are open until September 10, 2021.