Geeks for a more transparent 2015 Nigerian General Elections

With less than 8 months left till the next elections and amid the current state of the country, we are all concerned about the possible outcomes of the coming elections.

Nigeria deserves good elections, credible leaders and a peaceful process, however, we all need to play our part to make this happen.

CcHub has been speaking to INEC and a number of NGOs on things that can be done to ensure the next elections are free, fair, credible and peaceful, and a number of ideas leveraging on technology have been suggested.

To this end, we are reaching out to top developers, designers, project managers and internet security experts in the Nigerian tech-ecosystem, who are interested in contributing a little of their capacity to the coming elections.

We are delivering this through a network calledย TechSQUAD


TechSQUAD is a network of highly skilled and professional software developers and designers committed to using their skills โ€“ in collaboration with NGOs โ€“ to make Nigeriaโ€™s 2015 General Elections free, fair, credible and peaceful.

TechSQUAD will work together with INEC and NGOs to:

  • Improve technology platforms being deployed by INEC and NGOs to help facilitate seamless conducts of the 2015 general elections.

  • Stimulate the development of new technology tools to address gaps in the electoral process.

TechSQUADย is led by top level developers and designers โ€œSQUAD Generalsโ€, who will manage adhoc teams of โ€œSQUAD Agentsโ€ย to work on specific election and governance-based projects.โ€

The time SQUAD members spend working on projects will be compensated for by the NGOs or from donors who we will engage with.


For NGOs:ย If you are an NGO with a tech tool for the elections and want to work with TechSQUAD, kindly fill this form HERE.

For Technologist:ย If you a developer, designer or security expert interested in joining TechSQUAD, visit our website HERE.

WANT TO KNOW MORE?ย Check out our FAQs on the TechSQUAD Website:ย www.socialchangelab.org/techsquad