Future Tech, Cyber Attacks and Internet Governance: The Security Demo 2.0

Co-Creation Hub is excited to announce the second edition of her annual Cybersecurity Conference – The Security Demo.

The theme for the conference is Future Tech, Cyber Attacks and Internet Governance, and will hold from 29th – 30th October. The event will explore themes around contemporary cyberattacks, internet governance issues and what the future holds for safety in light of artificial intelligence, quantum computing, deep fakes, autonomous driving, etc.

We are thrilled to host this edition online, availing the exciting experience of the Security Demo to students, security enthusiasts, technologists, journalists, civil societies and business leaders across Africa and the world.

Early indicators already suggest attendance from over 6 countries in and out of Africa, participating in Nigeriaโ€™s grandest cybersecurity showcase event, and the general public is welcome to be a part of the experience.

We invite you to submit a session proposal here if you would like to be one of our session organisers in any of the three focal areas:

  • Live Demonstrations of Trending Cyber Attacks and their Countermeasures;
  • Future Digital Technology:  Quantum Computing, Deep Fakes, Artificial Intelligence, etc
  • Digital Rights and Internet Governance: Surveillance Capitalism, Misinformation, Stalkerware, etc

For all the updates and registration to participate at the Security Demo, please register here.