CcHUB in collaboration with Google Launches Fintech Innovation Project in Rwanda

Co-Creation Hub in collaboration with Google and Mojaloop foundation launched the Fintech Innovation Project in Rwanda today, 11th December 2021 to accelerate Rwandaโ€™s digital transformation. This project is part of ongoing efforts to turn Rwanda into the Fintech hub for Africa with Mojaloop as the national payments switch for Rwanda. This project is in line with Rwandaโ€™s ambition to drive inclusive economic development leveraging technology.

The project is positioned to upskill developers through Googleโ€™s developer training and community support programs. In addition, a fintech program for early-stage companies will be piloted. This pilot will start with different companies in collaboration with Kigali Innovation City and delivered by a Google for Startups partner.

Finally, a corporate innovation lab will be set up to facilitate the acceleration of e-commerce growth by supporting both Small and Medium Businesses to go online.

Rwandaโ€™s vibrant economy is an ideal launchpad for future innovation in Africa. As a key player in the fintech space, the Fintech Innovation Project will be a unique opportunity to witness and discuss the revolutionary role the fintech industry is playing in Rwanda as well as future possibilities. Through the Mojaloop platform, the progressive policy framework will be supported and contribute to an open digital payment ecosystem.