Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Project

The Pharmaceutical Supply Chain project is a human centred design based project to address some inadequacies and significant gaps in the drug supply and distribution system in Africa. The highly fragmented nature of the drug supply system characterized by poor data sharing is one of the key factors for the weak drug supply system. This project focused on triangulating data between drug providers/aggregator platforms, public sector management systems and the patient/consumers in three African countries;ย  Nigeria, Kenya & South Africa and enhanced the ability of drug providers to deliver better services at the frontline to healthcare users. With support from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, our team is developed tech based solutions using the human centered design (HCD) approach to elicit information on the existing drug value chain and co-create contextually relevant solutionsย  which can be tested to improve data sharing and visibility between key stakeholders along the drug value chain for more accurate health reporting.