CcHUB is Proud to Announce the Second Cohort of DIGnified

CcHUB is proud to announce the second cohort of DIGnified, our programme to promote digital inclusion amongst the older generation.
Whilst the older generation have an appreciation of technology and a desire to use some of the latest tools and platforms, a lack of know-how often presents itself as a barrier. On the other hand, the fear of the unknown also prevents a good percentage of mature citizens from reaping the benefits associated with being a part of an interconnected world. With DIGnified, we aim to address this. 
DIGnified is a 4-week program intended to get the elderly — aged 55 and above — acquainted with digital technology. DIGnified sessions will hold at the American Corner at CcHUB twice a week. With a carefully tailored curriculum where learning is self-paced and hands-on sessions, participants will be exposed to basic and advanced concepts of digital technology.
Do you wish your parents or family friends were more comfortable and knowledgeable about technology? Or does technology appear intimidating and confusing to you? Then sign up for DIGnified 2.0, and grant them the independence and connectedness that comes with being digitally adept. 
The most compelling 12 entries will get the chance to participate in the second cohort of DIGnified 2.0 which is absolutely free. Apply now