Design Traineeship Programme 2019

The CcHUB Design Traineeship is a 6-month paid immersive training programme for recent graduates looking to further improve the economic prosperity in Africa through design-inspired innovations.

Meet the Trainees

15 Trainees were chosen from 5 African countries which include; Nigeria, Rwanda, Kenya, Uganda & Burundi.

  • Alex Agaba

  • Anais Simpenzwe

  • Chiziterem Onyenekwe

  • Darbie Nwandikom

  • Esosa Asabor

  • Ezinne Aso Eke

  • Fikayo Odugbemi

  • Martins Iyekekpolor

  • Maureen Wanja

  • Noel Aryanyijuka

  • Ntwari Hugues

  • Okechukwu Amako

  • Othniel Nimbabazi

  • Kehinde Muriana

  • Stephen Oyebode


In November, we kick-started the Design Traineeship Program with a one-month bootcamp which was an immersive learning session that was held at the Design Lab in Kigali.

During the bootcamp, the Trainees were introduced to Human Centered Design (HCD) tools and participated in deep dive sessions into HCD as a mindset. These sessions were to amplify the trainees’ ability to deliver while on site with the partner organization.

The Practicum

Incorporating a practicum into the Traineeship program provided a unique opportunity for the Trainees to practice HCD with the support of the CcHUB Design Lab and their mentors while working to address real-life challenges within partner organizations in the field.

Discovery & Research Phase

The trainees began their Practicum with their assigned partner organizations, following the bootcamp session.

Following an introductory week at their organizations, their projects kicked-off with the Research & Discovery Phase where they worked within these organizations and with the support of the Design Lab to identify existing knowledge and any gaps in the current understanding, within the context of their proposed projects

During this phase, the Trainees used creative mixed methods to conduct design research to gather data and information on their chosen challenge. These ranged from interviews to Focus Group Discussions to participatory observation to ethnography.

Understand Phase

Following the field research, the next phase was to analyze the information gathered to draw insights, and identify themes and patterns to deepen their understanding of the challenge, and inspire new ideas. These insights led to the creation of a “How Might We” statement that depicted the problem to be addressed. Some of the tools used during this phase were affinity maps, journey maps and user personas.

Co-creation Phase

Based on the problem statements created in the previous phase, the Trainees with the support of the Design Lab, and the participation of the partner organizations, end-users and other relevant stakeholders, co-created actionable concepts that could be revisited to redo or discard or refine to ultimately improve into efficient solutions.

Prototype & Testing Phase

The Trainees worked with the Design Lab and their partner organizations on building prototypes and testing the ideas generated during the co-creation sessions. However, the extent of the work done during this phase was determined by the availability of resources from partner organizations.

An important aspect of this phase was to model potential solutions to encourage learning while also doing but also lead to viable solutions that would be considered for implementation.

COVID-19 Pandemic

Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the practicum projects had to be wrapped up earlier than scheduled as the health and safety of all involved was the priority. However, the trainees were able to share their recommended solutions with the partner organizations with the opportunity to implement, post-pandemic.

The Design Traineeship program will conclude with a virtual sessions with all the trainees, partner organizations and relevant stakeholders to present on the projects and learnings from the program for dissemination of best practices and cross-sharing.

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