Design Traineeship 2019

Do you spend restless nights thinking of how to create sustainable solutions for social impact in Africa?

If so, the CcHUB Design Traineeship is for you

About the Traineeship

The 2019 CcHUB Design Traineeship is a 6-month paid immersive training and mentorship programme for recent graduates looking to further improve the economic prosperity in Africa through design-inspired innovations

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  • Duration

    6 months
  • Model

    Courses + Projects

What will you learn?

This is a unique opportunity to cultivate a Human Centered Design (HCD) mindset through immersive inquiry learning supported by experts and seasoned designers. Trainees will spend time in between the Design Lab, communities, and partner organisation offices to work on real-life projects and programmes to co-design solutions that will:

Contribute to better outcomes for vaccination services which is a crucial demand-side intervention on which stakeholders’ behaviors have significant implications..

Improve the effectiveness of the intervention by introducing a feedback process as a result of the iterative and agile approach of HCD.

Improve capabilities and collaboration processes to aid decision-making among public health organisation and institutions.

Ensure there is strong buy-in from key stakeholders, especially caregivers and public health organisation.

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