How Was Life Expectancy Across Populous Countries in the World before COVID-19?

posted Sep 30 2021

Life expectancy is an indication of the average period a person is expected to live. High quality life is a goal pursued by everyone. Living longer and having healthier conditions has become a common aspiration shared by all. 

Various studies and research have been conducted across the globe to understand and identify the factors to the life expectancy index(Adam Trainor, 2019). This data story looks at the top three populous countries within Africa, Asia, North America, South America, and Europe.

Most Populated Countries in the World – by Continent(2019)

(By hovering over a country from the map below, the current population size will automatically appear in the window)

Changing the life expectancy of a country requires intentional effort from both the government and its citizens. On the government’s part, there needs to be a shift in perspectives away from the traditional ways and embrace more technology that brings about ease in life, also a conscious motive to build a reliable health system ecosystem that seeks to solve existing issues around hospital  capacity, personnel and equipment needs to resonant across very levels of government.

Though making lifestyle changes does not happen overnight, citizens need to be more conscious of how detrimental their lifestyle patterns reduce their lifespan. Choosing a better lifestyle like exercising often, boosting the body’s immune system, quitting smoking habits, eating and drinking sensibly amongst a host of others are proven ways to enhance life expectancy.

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