Countdown to the End of CVR

Dear Friends, it’s a beautiful week and we hope your week has started on a great note.

The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) portal will shut down for the Continuous Voter Registration (CVR) online pre-registration in 7 days (May 30th), while all in-person registration ends on June 30th at all INEC offices nationwide. That means you need to complete your application before then, by going for BIOMETRICS capture at any INEC office close to you.

Begin your PVC registration today on the INEC portal and complete your Biometric before June 30th. Encouraging your family and friends to do same

There is no other time than now to get actively involved in the electoral and governance process of our dear Country. The time is now! And the clocks are ticking. Remember that every vote counts, and we as collectives could spur action to catalyze change that can have a far-reaching positive impact in our countryโ€™s history if we all get our PVCs. Your PVC is your power, your PVC is your voice and every vote counts towards deciding the future of our nation in the coming years.ย ย 

Here are 5 things about the Continuous Voters Registration (CVR) process you should know.

Also remember, that the display of register for Claims and Objections is ongoing until July 11th, 2022, in all INEC local government offices. Take advantage of it to correct your information. 

We can’t wait to share your voting story and the impact it will have on the future of the next generation.