Co-Creation Hub Launches the CcHUB Security Command Center!

Co-creation Hub launched its security command centre on the 13th of December 2021, in line with her approach to providing digital resilience capability to the African ecosystem. 

With the advancement in innovations and increasing dependence on technology comes the associated threats. Statistics show that daily, more than 500 000 strains of new malware samples are released globally. However, it has been observed that Africans silently suffer ongoing cyber-attacks. It is essential to understand and combat threats faced by civil society organizations and at-risk groups.

The CcHUB Security Command Centre activities will include; tracking cyber threats, providing contextual backdrops and exposing actors behind attacks, drawing attention to prevent further attacks, predicting future threats and compromises by analyzing the contexts of past and recent attacks. It will also gauge the impact of these researches on political, economic, and social activities across Africa.

The Center is physically located in the CcHUB Lagos Nigeria office, with its arms in Nairobi, Kenya. It provides actionable intelligence, security awareness, and advisory on the latest threats targeting vulnerable individuals, civil society, media organizations, and at-risk groups across Africa.