Co-Creation Hub Launches EFIKO Mobile Application for Secondary Schools

Friday January 18, 2013

Co-Creation Hub, Nigeriaโ€™s foremost social innovation centre in Nigeria, launched the EFIKO Mobile Application. The launch took place at the Co-Creation Hub in Yaba, Lagos and included an award ceremony for students who excelled using the platform during its pilot test in Lagos. With sponsorship support from Samsung Electronics West Africa, each winner from the pilot test received a Samsung Chief Hero E1500 mobile phone which they can use to download the EFIKO Mobile Application.

EFIKO is a mobile social quiz platform designed to enhance learning through self-assessment with topical quizzes tied to the National School Curriculum. EFIKO is available on multiple platforms such as Android, Nokia S40 and mobile web for other mobile devices (www.efiko.com.ng) and for download from the Samsung Apps and Google Play stores.

EFIKO was conceptualized and developed at Tech-In-Education (www.techin.org), a 48-hour gathering of ideas, people and digital tools aimed at creating novel web & mobile solutions to improve learning at primary and secondary school levels in Nigeria run by the Co-Creation Hub (www.cchubnigeria.com) in February 2012. The Team behind EFIKO came first at the end of the competition and since then has been working towards releasing the product to the market.

โ€˜Bosun Tijani, C.E.O. of Co-creation Hub said โ€˜Following a successful and highly insightful pilot of EFIKO in eight (8) secondary schools across Lagos State, we are further convinced that EFIKO will enhance learning amongst Secondary school students by helping them take responsibility for their own performances in a fun mobile environment with minimal supervision.

According to Mr. Oyekanmi Bolade who is in charge of Digital, Mobile Content and Services, Samsung Electronics West Africa, โ€œWe will always support creativity and innovation this is why we have partnered with the Co-Creation Hub, to support the Efiko project. We believe that the wealth of this nation is not only its natural resources but majorly in its human capital potential.ย  We will always be willing to support the realisation of this potential.โ€

Some of the key features of EFIKO include:

  • Topical based learning: Students learn as they are taught according to the National Curriculum
  • Standardized content: This is especially important for Students in Schools with a shortage of Teachers for certain subjects
  • Instant scoring with a leader board: Students are challenged to do better when they see their current scores and ranks as well as that of their peers
  • Social based learning: Peer-to-peer engagement makes learning fun for students. Students can challenge each other on social media to become top student for different subjects
  • Recognition: In form of incentivising high performing students and their schools on the platform
  • Geographical mapping: Tied to the leader board, students can see where top students go to school
  • Covers Senior Secondary Classes i.e. SS1, SS2, SS3
  • Service is free for students to download and use


EFIKO Secondary School Challenge

EFIKO was formally launched with a National Secondary school challenge competition. For the next six (6) months, the top student on the EFIKO leader board in five (5) subjects will win a mobile phone i.e. fifteen (15) students every month for six (6) months totalling ninety (90) students.

To participate in the challenge, SS1, SS2 and SS3 students are to:

  1. Go to EFIKO Platform (www.efiko.com.ng)
  2. Download the application
  3. Register (include a valid phone number)
  4. Take a test
  5. Submit your score

Winners will be determined as follows:

  1. Highest score in least amount of time in each subject (via the leaderboard) at the end of each month
  2. Verification of student identity through their schools

About Co-creation Hub

CcHUB is a social innovation centre dedicated to accelerating the application of social capital and technology for economic prosperity. Our technology hub which is the first in Nigeria serves as an Open Living Lab in which user-driven innovation is fully integrated in the co-creative process of new services, products and societal infrastructures.

CcHUB’s methodology is hinged on engaging a community of progressive stakeholders (end-users, subject matter experts, government agencies, businesses, academics, civil societies etc.) who bring their creativity and knowledge to play in co-creating solutions to social challenges faced by the average Nigerian through our open living labs. The resulting innovations are then supported to become sustainable market solutions by providing proactive business support, advice, mentorship and funding through our pre-incubation & research unit. For more information, visit www.cchubnigeria.com