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The past few weeks have been pretty eventful. And we have been a lot more in the news about our work and gotten mentions from traditional and non-traditional news media within and outside Nigeria.

Errol Barnett, anchor and correspondent for CNN International paid a visit to the Hub. He documents his impressions of our work and its impact on social innovation in Nigeria.

His opening lines read, ‘Fingers tickle keyboards fastidiously, bright-colored walls boast signs reading “We Code Hard,” and an idle foosball table waits for its next contenders. These are all signs you’ve entered a place for passionate tech enthusiasts. But if ‘Bosun Tijani has his way, this is where Nigeria’s next great idea will be born.’ Read the rest of the post here

And if you are yet to see Errol’s brilliant coverage of CcHUB, here is another opportunity to see it here. I can’t seem to get enough of it ๐Ÿ™‚

Also in the week gone by, Iain Marlow, of the Globe and Mail examines the peculiar challenges faced by Lagosians and their approach in tackling them with homegrown solutions that are fast becoming replicated in places with similar challenges in other parts of the world. In a piece titled ‘How activists and private enterprise are transforming Lagos’, CcHUB’s role in driving social change using technology tools gets a healthy mention. Relax and take some time out to check out Iain’s piece here.

bosun cnn

Image credits: CNN

Ojo Maduekwe, in This Day Newspapers on the 21st of March 2013 writes on ‘Exploring Nigeriaโ€™s Untapped Software Industry’.

He makes a case for the increasing importance of the rise of local content by Nigerian software developers and how their work was beginning to attract organisations in the ilk of Intel Global, a microchip and Software giant who were beginning to take notice of the work around here with intentions to help grow the local software industry. More on that story here

Ojo Maduekwe in his piece quotes ‘Bosun Tijani, co-founder & CEO, CcHUB, โ€œthe Nigerian Software Industry is undergoing a quiet knowledge revolution driven in part by demands from evolving non-traditional sectors like entertainment, creative arts, tourism and hospitality amongst others and the general awareness of the potential role of technology in leapfrogging development across the entire African continent.โ€ Read the rest of the article here

And you would think we were done with hugging the headlines for all the right reasons :).

Wait till you read Michelle Atagana’s thoughts on our vision of partnering forward-looking organisations in building a Tech Neighbourhood in Yaba. She captions her brilliant piece ‘Why build a tech city when you can build a tech neighbourhood?’. You can find the rest of the story here.

Michelle is Managing Editor at Ventureburn

Thanks for reading. Have a great week.