CcHUB Digital Security Team Launches Digital Resilience Helpline

While we believe strongly that technology can drive needed change and solve some of Africaโ€™s most pressing and recurring problems around democracy, governance, equity and human rights. We also understand that technology can pose challenges and threats to individuals and communities, as it can be employed to stifle freedom, repress groups and attack civil societies, which is why we are very proactive about digital resilience and digital safety in the communities where we work.

As more Africans and African organisations participate in the digital economy, the threat and attack surface widens, leaving more room for bad actors and cybercriminals to get involved. Already, Africa loses $3.5 billion annually to cybercrime and this is projected to reach $5 billion by 2022.

Across the continent, civil societies and human rights defenders, journalists and media organisations continue to come under increased scrutiny and attacks from both independent malicious actors and nation-state actors, yet most (if not all) do not have the internal capacity to respond to these attacks.

In our aim at improving regional (Africa) support for digital safety incidents for at-risk and marginalized communities, we have set up a secure dedicated email address and helpline number for handling security incidents. Vulnerable and at-risk communities (journalists, activists, LGBTQI groups, etc can reach us through our dedicated e-mail address, via Signal and WhatsApp.

E-mail Address: help@cchubnigeria.com

Signal and WhatsApp only: +2349030124390

Note: No phone calls or text messages.