CcHUB Diaspora Challenge

Reverse. Brain. Drain.

The value of remittances in supporting the broad economic development of a nation is of great significance, and itโ€™s said to be the most tangible and least controversial link between migration and development.

However, the effectiveness of remittances has been argued, in that it does not compensate for the loss of human capital. The brain drain conundrum has puzzled many countries for decades, but there has since been a shift in discussion from seeing the diaspora as a loss, but as an opportunity, not just for inbound remittances, but also trade, investment projects and new knowledge; thus reversing brain drain.

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Reversing brain drain doesnโ€™t necessarily require emigrants to physically return to their country of heritage, but rather to harness their intellect and leverage their network in order to be a significant source of impact. Scientific and technological innovations are important sources of new solutions in health, environmental and developmental challenges. The CcHUB Diaspora challenge aims to engage scientists, entrepreneurs and innovators from the diaspora community in the UK to source scalable business solutions to social challenges in Africa, thus not only providing financial remittance but also social remittance.

This exciting new project will be launched on Saturday 6th May 2017 at Facebook, 10 Brock Street, Kings cross London, NW1 3FG, and will have in attendance high profile professionals from various industry sectors. We are delighted to also announce a special guest performance from Bez. The closing date for submissions is Friday June 30th.

Spaces at the launch event are limited so make sure you register for an invitation here and join the conversation using #CcHUBdiaspora #ReverseBrainDrain