CcHUB BotClub Graduation

As part of our contribution to encourage young public secondary school students to taking up careers in science and technology,  In July 2013, we launched the CcHUB BotClub – an initiative to introduce secondary school kids to software programming and technology innovation using robotics.
With active support from our partners, we ran a three-month, after-school robotics programme where selected kids picked up creativity, programming skills and the ability to work in teams, amongst other skills.
18 students (12 boys and 6 girls), drawn from 3 public secondary schools in Lagos, have been exposed to the use of Lego Mindstorms and NXT TETRIX kits which contain software and hardware sufficient to create small, customizable and programmable robots.
CCHub Bot Club-90
We had a colourful event yesterday as the kids presented their graduation projects to the admiration of an audience who were once reminded that the next set of people who will use technology to address local problems were seated right in front of them.
We wish the kids all the best as they make the most of their complimentary Orange memberships, courtesy CcHUB.