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The Lounge Experience: Building a Community of 21st Century Teachers

Teacher learning communities have become a catalyst for teachers professional development, such that teachers are supported in building skills that are relevant and contextual to foster their students' learning...

June 16, 2021

EdTech Mondays May Edition: โ€œWhat Parents Want: How are Parental Perceptions of Ed-Tech Evolving?โ€

The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the adoption of digital technologies. But how did it affect parentsโ€™ attitudes towards digital learning?

June 5, 2021
CcHUB Syndicate

Why we invested in TAEILLO – the furniture & lifestyle company helping Africans to aspire for more!

The CcHUB Syndicate is an investment vehicle of CcHUB. Click the link to learn more about our work. The Furniture Industry and the African Consumersโ€™ Ordeal The average Nigerian...

April 20, 2021

Teacher Training during Covid-19: A Case Study of the Virtual STEM Project in Africa (Abstract)

CONTEXT  The Virtual STEM project was carried out in two countries โ€“ Nigeria and Kenya by Co-creation Hub (CcHub) โ€“ Africaโ€™s largest innovation institute. As of 2019, Nigeria and...

April 14, 2021
CcHUB Syndicate

Access to Global Markets – How Oneport365 is Redimensioning Logistics in Africa

Why We Invested I have never understood the logistics or port business. Well, on logistics, it would be a lie to say I am completely clueless – try getting...

April 3, 2021
CcHUB Syndicate

Our Eyes on Data Infrastructure – Why we invested in Stears

My View And Experience One thing I learnt as a young analyst working for a boutique investment bank was that great pitches, whether on the sell-side or the buy-side...

March 22, 2021