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Transforming STEM Education in Lagos State

Through its education Practice, re:learn; CcHUB is set to collaborate with the Lagos State Ministry of Education to bring about a change to the state of science and technology...

4 days ago
Digital Security

CcHUB Cybersecurity Academy Fellowship

The CcHUB Cybersecurity academy fellowship officially began on November 8, 2021. This fellowship is one of CcHUBs efforts to refine talents for the cybersecurity workforce in Africa. Meet some...

1 week ago
Digital Security

CcHUB Digital Security Team Launches Digital Resilience Helpline

In our aim at improving regional (Africa) support for digital safety incidents for at-risk and marginalized communities, we have set up a secure dedicated email address and helpline number...

3 weeks ago
Press Release

Co-Creation Hub and Ojoma Ochai to Launch Creative Economy Practice

Co-creation Hub (Africa's largest innovation hub) and Ojoma Ochai announce the launch of a new Creative Economy Practice.

3 weeks ago

GoVoteNG Launches Premier Champions Program is a platform and campaign to educate Nigerians on how to register to vote in the General Election. The platform simplifies the voting process and serves as an...

4 weeks ago
Digital Security

Innovate, Build, Secure โ€” Digital Resilience for Africa: The Security Demo 3.0

This yearโ€™s conference is aimed at driving conversations on the need for Africans to innovate and build cybersecurity products or solutions to solve Africaโ€™s cybersecurity problems and improve digital...

October 27, 2021