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Call for Civic-Tech Organisations in West Africa

Are you a CivicTech organisation in the West Africa ecosystem, and want to build a network with social innovators in Africa? Then apply to become a member of the...

3 days ago

PVC Collection Update

Did you register in 2021? PVC registrations done in 2021 are now ready for collection. Visit your INEC LGA office where your voting unit falls within to pick up...

3 days ago

5 Key Things to Consider in Building the Right EdTech Product for the African Market

During our third Viable Community meetup in July, we had the opportunity to host 50 participants consisting of teachers, school leaders, edtech entrepreneurs and professionals to discuss various aspects...

4 days ago
Creative Economy

The African Creative Economy Investors Masterclass Series

The Creative Economy Practice at CcHUB held the first session of the African Creative Economy Investor Masterclass Series on the 27th of July, 2022. The series is for existing...

1 week ago

Have You Registered for Your PVC Yet?

Permanent Voter Card (PVC) registration ends in 10 days' time! But, we are excited to announce to you that the Independent National Electoral Commission(INEC) has included Saturday and Sunday...

4 weeks ago
Digital Security

CSCC Threat Report 7.0: USDT Liquidity Scam

The Security Command Center at CcHUB has recently discovered a USDT liquidity scam that is gradually gaining momentum in the Nigerian digital space. This is not a targeted campaign...

July 14, 2022