Smart Infrastructure

There is immense value waiting to be created amidst the chaos and weak infrastructure. There is a huge potential for technology to be applied smartly, to connect different public infrastructure to each other for the sole purpose of making them more accessible to the populace.


Our focus is on deepening support for early-stage technology ventures building consumer internet and infrastructure that will power Nigeria and Africaโ€™s digital economy.

Why we believe this is important

Our Thinking

Infrastructure plays a significant role in fostering business growth and development. The
availability and deliberate deployment of the right infrastructure that reflects modern business needs will naturally attract the best talent, provide an enabling environment for businesses to grow and thus accelerate the growth of the Nigerian technology ecosystem.

What we have done

Our Expressions


The i-HQ project is helping to build an ‘innovation city’ – a hotspot for creative ventures where all key stakeholders (academics, industry and government) find adequate infrastructure, resources and an enabling environment to strive while collaborating. From a vision, a virtual tour was launched to communicate the vision and engage the larger tech community and key stakeholders. In 2013 CcHUB constituted a consortium of core implementation partners which includes MainOne, Technovision and the Lagos State government.The I-HQ project is home to over 30 technology companies in Yaba.


Yaba Manifesto

On the 23rd of June, 2017, stakeholders of the Yaba technology ecosystem came together to discuss the current state of the ecosystem and share their ideas on actions required to build the ecosystem into a successful one. At the town hall meeting, it was agreed that if we succeed in building a functional ecosystem in Yaba, it can serve as a template for building other technology clusters across the country and maybe someday, Africa. The seven pillars decided upon include: Culture, Infrastructure, Policy, Talent, Research & Development, Funding and Smart City.

GC Fund

In 2015, we launched GC Fund, our social innovation fund aimed at creating an unprecedented path to scale for outliers driving social change in Nigeria. The fund supports high potential, early-stage businesses building our next generation infrastructure using technology. Participating investors bring their experience, resources and networks together to work for investees to catalyze their path to growth.

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