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Though technology has been permeating almost every aspect of our lives, until recent years the medical field has been largely unaffected by the rapid pace of technological innovation that is characteristic of the Digital Age.ย In Nigeria, the adoption of technology solutions for health has been slow in spite of the increasing interest in eHealth & mHealth interventions globally.

We engage different stakeholders to design and implement solutions to address the various health challenges in society. From bringing together health professionals, software developers, investors and patients to co-create solutions, to empower individuals and startups working to design solutions to problems in the health sector.

Why we believe this is important

Our Thinking

Out of all of the industries that technology plays a crucial role in, healthcare is definitely one of the most important. Advances in medical technology are changing medicine by giving physicians more information โ€” as well as better, more specific data to improve the health and overall well-being of the populace.

This has presented us with an immense opportunity to improve the quality of health services and enhance societal well-being as a whole.

What we have done

Our Expressions


NIMCURE is a collaborative research and development project between CcHUB and Nigerian Institute of Medical Research (NIMR). The project seeks to develop and pilot a digital tool to support and enhance adherence to treatment by Tuberculosis Patients in Nigeria.
Tuberculosis (TB) remains one of the leading causes of death worldwide and is considered as one of the most important infectious diseases across most of the developing nations (WHO, 2018). TB is a major public health threat in Nigeria and a leading cause of death in HIV infection. Through this project, we aim to identify the extent to which technology can play a role in ensuring adherence, thereby reducing the cases of drug resistant TB and improving the health of individuals across the country.


A healthcare technology and logistics company, LifeBank recently graduated from the CcHUB incubation programme after joining in January 2016. In that time, LifeBank has signed up over 160 hospitals, delivered over 9000 pints of blood to hospitals, made over $90,000 in revenue, moved products worth over $300,000 and has over 5,000 blood donors on the platform. Upon exit, LifeBank raised $200,000 fromย Growth Capital fund by CcHUB, EchoVC and Fola Laoye.


Trupprย is a social tool that helps sports lovers organize and find teammates for their favorite sports in cities around the world. Truppr was born out of the idea that the African market as a space could provide the right platform to grow sustainably, considering the emerging interest in healthy living, a growing middle class, steady rise in income levels and diffusion of ICT. Truppr aims to be a part of that growth by helping more people achieve their objective of making fitness a lifestyle. Truppr is incubated and funded by the Co-Creation Hub and has benefited from the Tony Elumelu Foundation early stage grant for technology ventures.

Health Meets Tech

The Challenge brought together health professionals, software developers, investors, patients, health maintenance organisations (HMOs) and hospital administrators to generate and implement bold solutions with the potential of addressing the various challenges identified in the sector. 3 startups emerged winners from the 3-day hackathon and have been supported towards product launch.

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