Many governments in Africa struggle with good governance and efficient service delivery. Our mandate is to use technology to support good governance and improve service delivery within government agencies.

Advancing Good Governance through technology

Working to increase civic participation in elections and support the government to provide services in a more efficient and inclusive way to its citizens.

Why we believe this is important

Our Thinking

Media and Digital technology are playing a critical role in holding government accountable all over the African continent. Our more connected societies are driving conversations that are bringing government responsiveness, transparency, and social accountability to the fore of our collective consciousness. We believe in the use of the innovative methodology to create opportunities for governments to provide better service and fulfill their social contracts

What we have done

Our Expressions

In 2015, Co-creation Hub in a collaborative effort with the Ford Foundation, EIE Nigeria, WANGONET, and INITS, developed and launched, a platform and campaign to educate Nigerians on how to register to vote in the countryโ€™s General Elections and to mobilize them to do so. The platform simplifies the voting process and serves as an information point to different categories of voters. On the platform, citizens are able to find out if they are registered to vote, where to register and pick up their PVC, what to do if they lost their voterโ€™s card or if they moved house. The launch of the platform was accompanied by a sustained multimedia campaign where infographics, radio programs, and a hotline were used to inform people on the registration process as well as to answer any questions that the citizens had on registering to vote.


Worked with the National Information Technology Development Agency to design and implement a process which secured permits/approval for technology-enabled start-ups with
products/services categorized as โ€œessentialโ€ to operate across the country during the National lockdown.


A design for development hackathon which brought teams together to leverage data to create compelling narratives, visualisations and models that can be used by the government to improve service delivery and by citizens to promote political participation in governance. The data used for the hackathon was provided by The World bank and Government MDAs. The areas of focus for the hackathon were Health, Education, Natural Gas, Urban Planning (Flooding), Transportation, Accountability and Agriculture.

Civic Tech BootCamp

We have supported and upskilled about 20 civic tech organisations in our bootcamp, focusing on areas such as sustainability, product design , innovation within government, digital security andfunding. We also provide support to civic tech founders after he bootcamp by way of our incubation and acceleration programs and in working with them on social media amplification and content creation.

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