GovLab is a dedicated practice to further our work around governance, social accountability, civic engagement and public service delivery. Through this practice, we use our expertise around the smart application of technology to enhance the efforts of stakeholders including government agencies, civil society, and civic tech startups.

Governance and social accountability has been a strategic theme at the CcHUB since the inception of our work in 2010. We are particularly motivated by the potential of digital technology to drive government accountability and citizen engagement in civic processes.

Why we believe this is important

Our Thinking

After regaining โ€œdemocraticโ€ rule in 1999, citizens are only gradually understanding what the core values of democracy are in practice. Media and digital technology are playing a critical role in this renaissance. The more connected society we now have, by virtue of increasing internet and mobile phone penetration, is contributing to starting and driving the conversations that are bringing government responsiveness, transparency and social accountability to the fore of our collective consciousness.

What we have done

Our Expressions

We developed and launched platform/campaign to educate Nigerians on how to get registered to vote in the 2015 general elections and to mobilize them to do so. The platform played a significant role in getting citizens involved in the elections and became a reference point for queries even by the electoral commission.

Tech-In Governance

In the run-up to the 2011 Nigerian General Elections, we organizedย Tech-In Governance, Nigeriaโ€™s first ever hackathon focused on civic governance and engagement. Tech-In Governance was not a talk-shop but a living lab where contextualisedย solutions were birthed including public data startup, BudgIT.

Incubation of BudgIT

BudgIT, a creative start-up driven to retell the Nigerian budget and public data in finer details for citizens across every literacy span. At the time of graduating from the CcHub Incubation programme in December 2014, BudgIT had grown from a 2-person team to a 22-person enterprise and was making significant strides in improving governance in Nigeria while being financially sustainable.

Our work also involves enabling governance organisations to use technology smartly. Some of ourย past projects and clients areย for WANGONET, the Election Centre for Premiumย Times, and the Democracy Game for NDI.

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