Global developments have led to increased investments in ICT tools to make STEM education more accessible and exciting to students. Despite the growing availability of technology resources in schools, there remains a disconnect between resources available and the impact achieved.

STEM Ed. Last Mile

re:learn helps students and schools use technology in smart ways to enhance learning. Our goal is to improve the quality of, and access to education in Nigeria.

Why we believe this is important

Our Thinking

Our goal is to improve the way kids learn through better content development, pedagogy, monitoring and assessment. We aim to empower students and provide them with tools to aid personalized learning and equip them with skills critical to the 21st century.

Through the curation of interactive, engaging content for key STEM subjects, delivered by our trained educators, our goal is toย accelerate the use of technology in schools across Nigeria.

What we have done

Our Expressions

School-based programmes

We work directly with host schools to introduce affordable and accessible technology to enhance learning. Our projects are implemented by integrating lessons with the existing curriculum or through after-school clubs.

Educators’ Network

Our Educators are trained with the skills to deliver engaging STEM education using technology and are currently placed in schools in Lagos, Abuja, Kano and Jigawa.

Community of Practice

Our Edtech community brings together Edtech stakeholders – from school teachers and administrators, Edtech solutions providers, and other Edtech practitioners to share best practices and become champions of STEM education across the country.

Go-GA Project

Go-Lab Goes Africa (GO-GA) is a European Commission funded the collaborative project under the Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Funding Scheme. GO-GAโ€™s overall purpose is to accelerate the adoption of richer learning environments and improved learning outcomes in science and technology, through the deployment of contextually engaging digital Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) in secondary schools across Africa.

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