Digital Security

How do you stay safe in the age of hackers, internet fraudsters and ATM scammers? We are using innovation to mitigate these troubling dangers that come with using technology.

Bringing innovation to online safety

The Digital Security Practice at CcHUB is helping Nigerians use the internet smartly and protect themselves in their digital interactions

Why we believe this is important

Our Thinking

Growing internet penetration in Nigeria has resulted in more personal and professional information going online. As more Nigerians go online, they are increasingly exposed to new threats like cybercrime, state/ non-state surveillance, hacking, misuse of confidential data etc.

This particularly affects connected citizens, civil society organizations, media houses and technology-enabled SMEs. More informed citizens and organizations can better protect themselves online.

What we have done

Our Expressions

Developed and launched SafeOnline, a digital security guide for civil society, journalists, web developers and active citizens. The guide is accessible in form of a handbook and companion website ( It offers rich multimedia content for Nigerian audience and links to download useful security tools

SafeOnline Forum

Built a forum (, where target organizations and individuals can interact with our community of local digital security experts who answer their questions and provide rapid response services in the event of security breaches


Security Assessments

Provide free security assessments to civil society and media agencies playing a crucial role in sustaining & growing democracy in Nigeria.

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