Announcing DIGnified – Re-connecting the Older Generation

Thereโ€™s lots of talk about generation Z (A.K.A digital natives), and millennials, and how pervasive technology has become in their lives. From entertainment, to education, and simple conveniences (transportation, commerce) the impact and benefits of technology are boundless. Nevertheless, a whole generation is at risk of being marginalised, or worse, taken undue advantage of. DIGnified aims to bridge this gap by providing participants with the skills and know-how relevant to this digital age.

DIGnified is a 4-week programme designed to introduce older people (aged 55 and above) to digital technology. Participants can be enrolled for a series of courses each quarter, bringing them up to speed with todayโ€™s tools, at their own pace. With a series of courses, starting from the basics to advanced concepts, participants will be exposed to an immersive, hands-on curriculum. Sessions will hold thrice a week, for 4 weeks straight in Lagos and Abuja.


Do you wish your parents were more comfortable with technology? and could connect with you via Skype or Whatsapp? Have you ever typed an SMS or email for your parents and wish they knew how to do so on their own? Does technology appear intimidating and confusing, and leave you wondering where to start? Sign them up for DIGnified, and grant them the independence and connectedness that comes with being digitally adept.

The most compelling 10 entries will get the chance to participate in the first cohort of DIGnified at no cost. Learn more and apply here.