Announcing the CcHUB 2015 Summer of Code: Because Making Is Fun!

Registration for the CcHUB 2015 Summer of Code hasย officially opened!

In a few weeks, primary and secondary school students all over the country will begin the longest holiday in the academic calendar. With more free time than ever before, itโ€™s a period where parents and guardians search for the best ways and programs to keep their kids actively engaged. If youโ€™re a parent based in Lagos you need look no further – the CcHUB Summer of Code is back with a bang!

The CcHUB Summer of Code is a 4-week summer programme; ย one of our initiatives to raise a new generation of digital makers. Through the Summer of Code, kids will learn new skills and tools to express their creativity.ย The program culminates in aย Demo Dayย whichย is a fun day where students proudly presentย projects they’ve built to their parents and invited guests.


This year, our focus is onย developing young makers.ย The maker-culture is a global movement which promotes the concept of learning through action, hence ‘making’. This transforms learning into a more interactive, more fun and more personalised experienced.

We aim to develop our young makers by teaching themย how to program computers. Computer programming is a tool, and a rather powerful one at that for bringing ideas to life. Regardless of their interests, kids will have an opportunity to share those ideas with the larger community. In addition, by learning to program young people also improve their critical thinking and problem solving abilities.

How It Works
We meant it when we said we were back with a bang. This year we have three tracks crafted to suit the unique interests of your kids. You can sign your kids up to any of the tracks below or have them choose for themselves at the start of the program:

  • The RockStars: in addition to regular lessons, this track has been crafted specifically for kids to explore and develop their musical talents and abilities. With uniqueย lessons and projects to work on you’re certain to bring out the inner rockstar in them.
  • The AniMakers: following the traditional track, this is for kids interested in learning how to make games and animations.
  • The HardWebbers: this is the most advanced track and is for teenagers interested in learning web and hardware programming.

Taking on board the feedback from last year, we are introducing an option that allows much older kids and teenagers to get in on the action.

Juniors: Kids aged 8-14 years
Seniors: Teenagers aged 15-18 years

Program Details:
Start Date:ย 3rd August – 29th August 2015 (Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays)
Venue:ย CcHUB MXLab, Ground Floor, 294 Herbert Macaulay Way, Yaba
Time:ย 11:00am – 3:00pm

To sign up your child fill out this formย here. For more information about the Summer of Code, you can read up on 2014 highlights or email us at mxlab[at]cchubnigeria.com.

Let’s work together to make this summer a super-exciting and memorable one!