8 Reasons to Own a Raspberry PI

Since conception, the Raspberry Pi has constantly been in the spotlight; the most recent being the release of theย Raspberry Pi Model 2. The Raspberry Pi has been touted for its versatility and portability; proof of which can be seen by the projects demoed at theย December Raspberry Jam. In addition to its versatility and portability, here are 8 more reasons why you should get yourself aย Raspberry Pi.

1.ย Learn to Code:ย The Raspberry Pi is a great tool to get started with coding. Open-source in design, the Raspberry Pi can be used to learn in multiple ways, From learning through DIY projects to solving minecraft problems in python, learning can become as fun as you can imagine it to be. There are lots ofย online resourcesย to get you started on python, ruby, Java and lots more using the Pi.

2.ย Perfect For the Tech Hobbyist:ย The Raspberry Pi is ideal for experimenting with DIY ideas you want to piece together for household or office improvements. Check out interestingย ideasย that have been hacked together.


3.ย From Hardware to Business: Are you working on turning a hardware product into a business? Scalability is an area that you will need to address. The raspberry pi is a cheaper approach to mass produce your solution. Emerging hardware startups in Nigeria such asย Dawnfuelย &ย Otomatik serverย created pi-powered products.

Energy/Power Monitor

4.ย University Final Year Project: Are you studying an engineering/computer science course, in your final year and looking for the ideal project idea? The raspberry pi is a low-cost microcontroller for embedded projects. Check out Mubarak Abdu-Aguyeโ€™s final year project in thisย video.

5.ย Dynamic Teaching Experience: The Raspberry Pi provides an exciting new experience ย as well a robust platform for students to learn to express their creativity. Through the Raspberry Pi kids canย createย their own games, animations and even hardware projects.

6.ย Getting your kids interested in programming: As a Parent, would you like to get your kids interested in programming? The Raspberry Piย Deluxe Kitย is perfect, complete with educational add-ons (an introductory book, a DIY project, all accessories needed to get started).

7.ย Be an enabler:ย Inspire others into the culture of creating & making. The Raspberry Pi is open source, and thereโ€™s a lot of content online to get everyone going.ย Orderย a Kit for a sibling, friend or a mentee; as they engage with the Pi, it will develop their skills & creativity.

8.ย Entertainment system. In as much as the Raspberry pi is ideal for hacking ideas together, it’s also a very good consumer product. You can set it up as a personal computer (send emails, surf the network, use a spreadsheet), or as a multi-media box turning your TV into a smart TV. With a smart TV, you can watch movies from a hard drive or stream your favorite videos on YouTube.

In summary theย Raspberry Piย is a very multifunctional device which can satisfy a range of needs (business, entertainment, educational). If you or anyone you know relates to any of these 8 reasons, I urge you toย orderย a Raspberry Pi today!

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