tech In Governance


Co-Creation Hub Nigeria is a place where different stakeholders think and work together to create innovative solutions to the social challenges facing Nigerian society. These stakeholders- individuals, organizations, government officials, businesses, academics etc bring their creativity and knowledge into play in crafting novel ways to address the myriads of social challenges that impact the lives of Nigerians everyday.

The hub provides all the necessary support to make the solutions work; from the generation of the idea through to the creation of sustainable ventures to deliver and scale them up. The hub also provide home for individuals working on innovative social change projects to work, interact and support each other. With reliable Internet connection to connect the stakeholders to the rest of the world, the hub also serves the community of software developers and social entrepreneurs on a membership basis. 
Co-Creation Hub Nigeria exists to empower Nigerians to collectively develop and implement solutions to the social challenges they face in their society. We also get Nigerians involved in the co-creation of the goods and services they use everyday.

Our Approach:

Need Validation + Multi-stakeholder Team: …a thorough review process to validate the social need of proposed project, its feasibility and current SOA + …a multi-stakeholder team to review, reinvent, develop and implement the novel solution

Co-creation + Development & Testing: …with requirements and solution evolving through collaboration between self-organizing, cross-functional actors, Cc-Hub coordinate the development and testing of solutions and prototypes where appropriate

New Venture Incubation: …ventures created through our co-creation process are given proper nurturing and support through our array of business support resources and services and from our extended network partners