tech In Governance



About Tech-In Governance:

Tech-In Governance is an unusual event focusing on technology innovation and application for citizen participation in governance.

The 48hr experiment will gather geeks and designers with stakeholders from different walks of life to co-create novel web and mobile based solution aimed at empowering citizen to contribute to good governance through participation. Tech-IN is not a talk-shop but a living lab where contextualised cool solutions are birthed.

Governance encompasses not just government, but also the civil society, the systems, the procedures and processes in place for planning, management and decision-making. Fostering sound public judgment through engagement of citizens is thus a key instrument for better Governance. While technology offers no magic solutions, the diffusion of mobile phone in Africa provides a platform through which more citizens can gain access to information while participating in development processes and decisions that affect them.

Tech-In Governance is the maiden edition of the Tech-IN Series, a quarterly event aimed at harnessing the power of technology for economic development in Nigeria.

Tech-In Series is an initiative of Co-creation Hub Nigeria – a social enterprise committed to bringing together people from different sectors to work collaboratively on solutions to social problems in Nigeria. CcHUB exist to empower people to collectively develop and implement solutions to the social challenges they face in their society