Supporting Nigeria’s next generation of technology entrepreneurs

Since 2011, CcHUB has supported the growth of a community passionate about the role of technology in transforming Nigeria. We have seen from experience that there are lots of people and organizations interested in the application of technology to solve local problems and our goal is to continue to unearth such individuals/companies and to support them to bring their ideas/products to life.

We start by identifying talented individuals/teams who have ideas and support the development of Minimum Viable Products (MVPs) to solve real local market problems/issues. To date, over fifty (50) ideas have enjoyed support through our Pre-Incubation program prominent of which are BudgIT, WeCyclers, Truppr, Traclist, Genii games, Vacantboards, Jobs In Nigeria, 500 shops, Efiko, Nigerian Constitution app, NaijaTeenz, Open apps, Church+. The program provides idea proponents/teams with mentoring, pre-seed funding, project planning, usability testing and customer validation for their solutions.

Once the solutions start gaining traction and start monetizing, such teams ‘graduate’ to our Incubation program where they receive mentoring, business development, administrative and funding support to test their models and focus on execution. As at October 2015, there are nine (9) startups in our incubation program i.e. Vacantboards, Truppr, Autobox, Mamalette, Grit Systems, GoMyWay, Genii games, Wecyclers and Efiko who are beneficiaries of our seed investment program receiving between $10,000 and $25,000 per startup. We have also ‘graduated’ 2 startups i.e. BudgIT and Traclist.

Where do you fit in? Answer these questions to find out and share more with us!!!!


The 2018/19 Program is scheduled to start first week in April and applications are now officially open. Although the deadline for submission is March 16, applications will be reviewed on an ongoing basis until all spaces are filled so startups are advised to apply early.

  • Do you have a solution (leveraging web or mobile) that was launched within the last year to address a clear need/want?
  • Have you gained some traction with the solution in the local market i.e. do you have users?
  • Is the solution generating revenue?
  • Are you looking to further validate your business model & grow your user base in the local market?
  • Do you have a team of up to 3 members which includes a technical lead and founder)?
Apply for incubation


  • Do you have an innovative idea (leveraging web or mobile) that solves a problem/issue that affects a large number of people first in Nigeria and beyond?
  • Does the idea improve on an existing process/solution or is it completely new i.e. hasn’t been done locally?
  • Have you taken time to research the problem/issue and have a clear picture of the target segment it affects?
  • Do you have the skills to build a prototype of the solution? (or have access to technical skills)
  • Are you prepared to spend the next 3 – 6 months building the solution and going out to understand your potential users?


Applications opening soon