UserDay – focus groups for Nigerian Startups/Businesses

What is UserDay?

User Day is a focus group with an objective to discover key insights for startups/businesses through interactive sessions with their existing ‘users’ in a bid to improve the quality of services rendered.

Why run a UserDay for my business?

A focus group is a way to reach out to your users for feedback and comment. Organisations use focus groups in planning, marketing, or evaluation, either to improve some specific product or service or, more globally, during the development of strategic plans or mission statements.


Specifically, UserDay session concentrates on:

• Gathering opinions, beliefs, and attitudes about issues of interest to your organisation
• Testing your assumptions
• Encouraging discussion about a particular topic for your organisation
• Building excitement from spontaneous combination of participants’ comments
• Providing an opportunity to learn more about a topic or issue for your organisation

How do i start?

It’s easy to get involved, complete the form below and we will get in touch! :-)