Infographic: “How I Use My Phone”

The traffic light is a landmark at Sabo bus-stop, one of the central locations in the Yaba area. The nearby streets are usually busy mainly due to the Sabo community market a stone’s throw away from the bus-stop.

Sabo market has a unique blend of traders who set-up shop every morning to sell a diverse group of products ranging from electronics to household items, mobile devices and foodstuffs.

The market is in proximity to the CcHUB, and so it wasn’t too long before it became a point of interest. We were particularly eager to learn about how the market traders engaged with their mobile devices.

We sent out a team to talk with the traders, and to ask questions around their mobile phone usage. Some of the results from the survey have been compiled below to highlight information around their phone call activities, credit and data plan usage as well as phone brands and popular apps.

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