How I Use My Phone Series – Nigerian Students

Mobile phones are now an integral part of every student’s life so much so that it is seen as strange to find a student without a phone. That’s why our third edition of ‘How I Use my Phone’ explored the use and role of mobile phones among students in Nigerian tertiary institutions.

We focused on three categories around which we examined the students’ mobile phone usage: motivation, purchasing factor and activities on their devices.

We used a quantitative approach to collect data from 5000+ participants through an online and paper based survey across Nigeria.

The key findings indicate that university students use mobile phones mainly for socialising; to stay connected with friends & family as well as the latest social trends. They do most of this through social networking and messaging apps (78% of the most used apps fell under the social networking category). This explains why 89.6% of students have internet subscriptions on their smartphones, leaving 25.3% of all activities for phone calls and texting.

We also found out that phone features and recommendations from other users emerged as the top determinants of buying motives. This pointed to a strong motivation to use the latest mobile phone technology despite cost.

The insights highlighted above are just a few you will find from this piece of work presented as an infographic report. If you identify interesting patterns from the infographic, kindly share your observations in our comments box below.

Previous ‘How I Use My Phone’ editions have focused on market traders and professionals in Nigeria. 2015 will see more interesting demographics surveyed and we plan to eventually carry out a comparative analysis of all editions.

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How I use My Phone - Nigerian Students